WUKO Clipper 1020


WUKO Clipper 1020

The amazing little slitter - running through sheet metal without vibrations and curls!

Made in Austria

The Best Cutting Tool Ever!

WUKO Clipper 1020
  • Roller assembly for cutting long sheet metal panels laid out on the floor in an easy and quick way
  • For precise and effortless cutting whether straight or curved, short or long metal sheets
  • For cutting according to scribe lines or with an adjustable guide
  • Variable cutting speed
  • Ideal for both workshop and job site
  • Delivered in a carrying case
WUKO 1020
WUKO 1020
WUKO Clipper 1020

Technical Data

Name Value
Max. sheet metal thickness Galvanized steel 0.80 mm
Max. sheet metal thickness Aluminium, Copper, Zinc 1.00 mm
Max. sheet metal thickness Stainless steel 0.60 mm
Cutting speed 0–15 m/min
Minimum cutting radius 500 mm
Weight 4.2 kg

Product variations and accessories

Item no. Name
1009000 Clipper 1020 C2A (with cordless drive)
1005925 Clipper 1020 C2E (with corded drive, 230 V)
1018688 Clipper 1020 C2E (with corded drive, 120 V)
1005354 Adjustable guide for Clipper, max. width 650 mm (25 in)

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